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Why you should use Webtalk

Why should you use Webtalk? I don’t know about you, but there are a lot of posts from my Facebook friends I never see, and I also find it difficult or impossible to share personal content with friends and family and business content with business contacts.

I have found Webtalk, and I’m very excited about its capabilities. With so many exciting capabilities available, let’s explore the features:

Social Media and CRM Combined

Webtalk is a social media site which provides features similar to those on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Additionally, Webtalk provides a contact relationship manager (CRM) capability, and the CRM features provides a single place to store all your contacts and their related details – personal, professional, and both.

One exciting feature of Webtalk is a mechanism for you to determine what content your contacts see:

  • personal content for personal contacts
  • professional content for professional contacts
  • content that you choose to share with everyone

You can also automatically post your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Slack just by clicking the social icons to the left of the post button which saves you time.

Why use Webtalk
Share your content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with a click of a button.

Identify relationships – Personal, Professional or both

This capability allows you to enter contact information, organize your contacts into groups, further refine groups with searchable tags, record notes, and fine turn how much content you see from each contact.

Why use Webtalk
Identify contacts as personal, professional or both.

Add searchable tags to further identify your audience

Why use Webtalk
Searchable tags makes finding contacts or groups of contacts easier.

Adjust the importance of your contacts’ posts see what is important to you

Why use Webtalk
Fine tune the amount of content you see from each content.

There are a lot more features and functions to share… but I don’t want to totally overwhelm you, if I haven’t already 🙂 Let me know if you have additional questions – I’m happy to help. Look for part 2 of this series in the near future.

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